Easter Dress

Had to include this photo of the cousins in their Easter dresses.


First rides at Kings Island Banshee.


Wedding at Weidemann Mansion, evening Cincinnati skyline.


Some photography from events of the last few months. Destin, Family Photos, Pumpkin Patch, Festival of Lights

Super Moon

Enjoying the glow of a super moon evening.


Some of my favorite shots from a recent trip to Chicago …

Misc. Abstract & Portraits

I have not been able to post on here in a while, so I have compiled a few of my favorite shots over the past […]

Live Music Photography – Etta Avenue

Anyone interested in hiring a photographer for on of their live music shows? I would like to get into live music photography with an artsy […]

Fall 2009

Fall is my favorite time of the year! Not only is my birthday in October, but I get to carve pumpkins, eat the seeds, and […]

Sailing Upward Band

Erin’s sister Kristen had the opportunity to take photos of a friend’s band – Sailing Upward. I thought I’d share some of the photos with […]